Unecto with FEDECRAIL

FEDECRAIL is the European Federation of the tourist and historical railroads; it gathers in particular representative national federations; such Unecto in France; who belongs to his founder members. Jaap Nieweg, new President of FEDECRAIL, took part in the Unecto congress of November; the dynamism of the French federation gave him the desire for arranging the next meeting of office of FEDECRAIL on the site of the future congress Unecto 2018. A work meeting will be the occasion, next January, to identify united actions, in particular those essential to the taking into account of the characteristics of the historical and tourist trains circulating on the National Rail networks. For the UNECTO, it is not a question of imposing, without reason, of particular circulations but simply of answering tourist waitings of customers which contribute to the success of the destination “Europe” worthy of 116 billion Euros of annual receipt.