Constructive teamwork

The reestablishment of a few kilometers of rail tracks …? Is this making you laugh? Well, yes!

First of all, this bold initiative is never only one person’s doing, teamwork is neither an option nor just a communication strategy, but it is simply a necessity; furthermore, it is not about a project oriented towards the sole satisfaction of a few rail enthusiasts, as is witnessed by all tourist train operators who are lucky enough to have access to their own tourist rail station; finally, this project is the opportunity to showcase a remarkable heritage: the protection of an infrastructure, of rail carriages filled with history, and the glorification of local history. A tourist railway cannot survive in withdrawal or isolation, close relationships with local elected representatives being imperative. Whether it be for touristic purposes or just to get around, one usually takes the train to go from one place to another; thus, we are talking about a constructive tourist offer. Certainly, a touristic offer becomes constructive when for one day there is an incentive to leave our (very) precious automobiles in favor of a walk or a bicycle ride and to become a simple hiker roaming and discovering a tiny corner of France.  Indeed, the idea is seducing; now, move up one gear! We represent an ever-growing market, so do not hesitate to propose your services to us if you are an undertaking or a professional.  If not, you can also leave us your contact information if you feel that you would be able to help out one of our operators. Whoever dares talk about idle and useless retirees? Definitely not us!



Claude STEINMETZ President of UNECTO